Thursday, Mar 30, 2023

Two Rav Shimons Linked Forever

I'd like to share a story I don't think it's well known About a special tzaddik A very holy gaon I heard it this past Shabbos It moved my eyes to tear I felt it's one of many I so much want to share

I heard it from Rav Wachsman

Who told it from his heart

(I can’t repeat all that he said

I don’t know where to start)


But it’s soon Lag Ba’omer

It’s soon day thirty-three

I’ll tell the story he told of

Rav Shimon Ibn Lavi


Born in times of tzarah

When Yidden fled from Spain

He escaped to Morroco

Where he thought he’d remain


But in his heart a yearning

I am not sure just why

A kesher that he felt so strong

To Rav Shimon Bar Yochai


And all the years he lived in Fez

In the sands of Morocco

He pledged that to Rav Shimon’s grave

One day he would go

The feeling it grew stronger

Till one day it had grown

So strong that he decided

He’d walk there to Meron


And so by foot he travelled

Across the burning sand

Despite the dangers and the risks

To the Promised Land


Indeed nothing would stop him

His goal before he’d die

To reach the holy kever of

Rav Shimon bar Yochai


But in his desperate travels

He stopped in Tripoli

And saw something

A tzaddik hopes

He would not ever see


There were so many kinderlach

And no rebbi to teach

So much Torah they could learn

Neshamos he could reach


Despite the lifelong dream he had

His everlasting yearning

Rav Shimon ibn Lavi knew

It’s less than children learning


And so in Tripoli he stayed

To teach his whole life long

Instead of going to Meron

He just composed a song


I’m sure when he composed it

His eyes they were not dry

The holy song forever known

The niggun Bar Yochai


Rav Shimon Ibn Lavi

Remains in Tripoli

The song he made

For Rav Shimon

It lives eternally


And thousands upon thousands come

On Lag Ba’omer night

And sing the words that he composed

With their entire might


Indeed his body did not come

But His will had reached his goal

For every year Ibn Lavi

Is there with all his soul


The zechus of teaching Torah

To kids in Tripoli

Has linked the souls of Rav Shimon

And Rav Ibn Lavi



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