Thursday, Dec 2, 2021

Trust We Must!

The president And sec of state Are thrust into A great debate They think their deal Is really great And thus his will He must dictate

And as we all anticipate

Worrying about our fate

Will the deal pass?

Is it too late?

The votes he wants

He tries to muster

As he insists

He’s not a “truster”

Oh! I think

That they may lie

That’s why we

Shall verify

The deal, he said

Is a true “must”

And it’s a deal

Not based on trust

Dear president

All due respect

I think you ought to

Stop! Reflect

I for one

Say it’s not true

I trust Iran

And hope you do!

I trust that everything

They say

Is only real

It’s not a play

And so when mullahs

In the street

Scream for death

And our defeat

They burn the flag


Trust the words

They have to say

And when their supreme

Head of state

Screams he will


I don’t think

It’s a debate

To eat what they’ve put

On their plate

I trusted them

And trust I will

When they exclaim

They plan to kill

And trust the plans

On all their lists

To fund the Hamas


I trust their prez

And the mullah

They’ll give the cash

To Hezbollah

So if you really

Want to know

Why this deal just

Got to go

Because I believe

All that they say

Seal the deal and…

Bombs away!

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