Monday, Jun 10, 2024


Transitioning is difficult

We do it many times

It’s not as easy as it is

To write a bunch of rhymes


Yes! Every week

We take a ride

From holy to mundane

And six days pass

We make Kiddush

And cycle once again


It’s not so easy to evolve

From plain days

To kedusha

From worlds of generalities

To worlds packed with minutia


Perhaps one of

The greatest shifts

Although they’re much alike

Is moving from the Purim joy

To our Seder night


From Purim’s joy

We know we go

From carefree fun and cheerful

To Seder night so serious

With maror oh so tearful


From wrappers, bottles, hamantashen

Crumbs and bread all strewn

To sudden stress

For any mess

Gevald! It’s Pesach soon!”


From masks and costumes

All beat up

And every crazy hat

To Yom Tov clothes

“I can’t wear those!”

“You want me

To wear that?!”


From sending shalach manos

Sharing what we wish

And suddenly

“I can’t eat that!

You know, I do not ‘mish’

(And some just won’t eat fish!)


But somehow we

Can make the switch

“Turn over” in a day

We pack our chometz out of sight

And store it far away


And suddenly

We’re Pesachdik!

And Purim’s just a dream

With memories of hamantash

And shalach manos theme


And Haman is left swaying

And Paroh’s in his stead

Megillah’s now a distant past

It’s Haggadah instead


How can we switch identities?

How do we switch our homes?

The secret is much deeper

Than hidden in this poem


We went one night from slavery

The next completely free

You see that Klal Yisroel

 Can change so easily


Indeed the message

We should know

We’re never stuck or caught

‘Cause we can change so easily

With just our minds and thought

Don’t ever think

You’re in a rut

And you cannot go free

Just watch us switch

Without a hitch

And do it naturally!



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