Saturday, Sep 24, 2022

Totty Nachamu

“Totty, Totty Comfort me” The little boy Did cry “Hold my hand And please explain Totty, tell me why

“They beat me up

They stole my toys

They laughed and spat at me

And then they say

We want world peace

We love humanity


“They threw me from

My pretty house

And then they burned it down

And took

My royal robes away

And then they crushed my crown


“Tell me why this happened

When can I go back home?

When will I have my own place

And not be forced to roam


“When will I be able

To walk the streets with pride

Without the pain and anger

I feel so deep inside”


And soon a voice

From way up high

Was heard to those who listened

And they believed

In that Great Voice

Despite the eyes that glistened


“Listen, My dear yingele

One day I will explain

The reason for the suffering

The reason for the pain


“I’ll tell you why they burned

Your house

And took away your toys

And why they said

You’re different

From all the other boys


“I’ll tell you why

They made you wear

That ugly yellow star

And why they sent you

On a train

Away from home so far


“I’ll tell you why the missiles

Fall each day on Sderot

And why they sent you

From your home

To places so remote


“You’ll understand

Why bombs do fall

And why does terror reign

And when I open up

Your eyes

I won’t have to explain


“You’ll understand the secrets

You thought you never would

You’ll see a world of miracles

You wondered if I could


“You’ll understand the Cantonists

Your friends were snatched so pure

Never to return again

Back to their Momma’s door


“The day I’ll show you

All the whys

You’ll see a world so clear

And even Leiby will tell you

To wipe away a tear


The boy’s sweet eyes

They opened wide

“Oh, Totty, do you promise?”

He ran to call the kinderlach

“Come, Eli and Shulamis


“And Chaim and Aviva!

And Berel, please come too

Gather round

And listen

I’ve something to tell you!


“Listen, brothers, sisters

One day

He will explain

He promised that

The day shall come

When we’ll forget our pain!


“He said, ‘That day is coming’

I promise that it’s near

I sense the great arrival

I feel it in the air


“So I can live

With suffering

Until that day is here

When He will open up my eyes

And see the answers clear


“He gave me

A small secret

A single word that’s two

It all lies in the promise of

That double nachamu



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