Monday, Jun 24, 2024

The Year in Review

Well, it's time Yes, once again Bashevkin takes his Trusty pen Reviews the news that he has seen At least for year Twenty Fourteen Of course that year, it must be said Is not for readers of Yated But for the world in which we dwell That's the year the newsmen sell

Indeed it was a year chaotic
Filled with stories quite neurotic
Leaders acting quite insane
From Washington to the Ukraine

Many people losing lives
ISIS and their goons with knives
Girls kidnapped by Taliban
And Asian planes! Just poof! They’re gone!

Riots down in Ferguson
Did he really have a gun?
Are they really protesting?
Or is this their way of fun?

The prez will meet with gangsters
And mayors join the fray
The attitude
That they exude
Can kill a cop that way

Republicans now rule the Hill
After the last election
Obama loses so much clout
With this great insurrection

But he’s the king
At least he thinks
Lifting the Cuban ban
And all illegals, “Do you hear?”
Him shouting, “Yes! You can!”

His shouts were heard in Africa
A little bug snuck in
And the Ebola virus thought
Perhaps that it would win

This summer got a little cold
And hair became a mess
When buckets dumped
Ice, freezing cold
To help fight ALS

And data all around the world
Was hacked and simply swiped
Target, Chase, the Home Depot
Their customers all griped

With names like Guardians of Peace
And motives that were phoney
Was it North Korea or
An inside job at Sony?

And billions wasted all their time
Glued at men in shorts
Kicking ‘round
A soccer ball
And praising crazy sports

And stocks went up
And Apple flew
Along with all high tech
But woe is me
I don’t own them
(At least last time I checked)

And our world was shaken
Indeed day after day
With kidnappings and massacres
All we can do is pray

They breached our botei medrash
In violent, monstrous ways
Unheard of terror not since seen
Like Chelminicki’s days

Our boys they want to drag out
From the bais medrash walls
And scandals in the rabbinate
And learning center halls

The Knesset it has crumbled
And Lapid lost his voice
What will hold for this year’s vote
Who will have the choice?

It is not Rosh Hashanah
It’s just Twenty Fifteen
But pray we can
Like every day
That this year be pristine




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