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The Ultimate Journey

Come listen to my journey I started years ago And when I stared Would I end? I really did not know Through mountains of Naharda'i The plains of Pumpedisa From Mishnah to Gemara Tosefta and Masnisa

Through stories and halachos

Complex and amusing

Some seeming simple line I read

That soon became confusing


I met tzaddikim

On the way

And rogues and villains too

Our history contained within

The forging of the Jew


Yes, daf by daf

I journeyed

With every day a blatt

And now it’s time to celebrate

Every line and dot


Began by learning Brachos

The praising of Hashem

And Shabbos with its every p’rat

Scores and scores of them


Then we learned of Eiruvin

Where we can

And cannot carry

Pesachim, Korban Pesach

Eat and do not tarry


We learned the laws of chometz

And then Shekalim were sought

And for Daf Yomi

Something new

For Yerushalmi was taught

The holiness of Yuma

Avodah and kapparah

Sukkah had us building huts

And Beitzah’s nolad s’varah

Rosh Hashanah saw us

Mechadeish the levanah

And Taanis helped us think a bit

And daven with kavanah


Megillah with its simcha

Moed KottonChol Hamoed

And then about the sadness

That we learned to forebode


Chagigah, Yomim Tovim

And all of the korbonos

And then we started Noshim

And cheshbon of Yevamos


Kesubos is ‘bout contracts

Between man and his wife

Nedorim, Nazir, Sotah

Of sacrifice and strife


And Gittin and Kiddushin

Marriage and divorce

When things just sadly

Don’t work out

What is the proper course?


Bang! It’s Bava Kama!

What damage did it do?

And then Bava Metziah

Who owns it, me or you?


We learned through Bava Basra

And some did understand

That just because I live here

Is it really my land?

Decided by Sanhedrin

Sometimes only three

But if the case is capitol

It’s one and seventy


Of course it deals with punishments

And how to deal with debt

And Makkos tells us punishments

That the resha’im get

We learned Maseches Shavuos

Be careful what we say

And when one cares

And when one swears

And when one has to pay


And Idiyos attests to what

The holy rebbi said

And Horiyos will warn all those

Who sit there on the head


Avodah Zara was enlightening

What goyim would once do

And Avos taught us all the ways

To be a proper Jew


We traveled on to Kodshim

Zevochim and Menachos

And those who once

Had learned in Brisk

Really showed their kochos


And Chullin fascinated us

To learn about a tongue

Or how to check a sircha

A blemish on a lung


And then we learned Bechoros

The din of firstborn sheep

And many of the other gifts

That a kohein can keep


Eruchin – evaluate

The worth of anything

Temurah teaches laws about

Kedushah transferring


We learned about Me’ilah

Making holiness profane

Krisus is where korbanos

For kareis they explain


And Tomid is our daily fare

Middos, the Mikdosh measures

Kinnim are the birds poor men

Would bring as simple treasures


And finally it’s Niddah

To make our homes so pure

So that kedushah will grace us

And holiness ensure


A journey tens of thousands made

With each thousands of blatt

And some remember them for years

And others have forgot


But they will join together

In Torah unison

And look on high

As they stand tall

And lend a cry:




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