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The Ultimate Journey

The Ultimate Journey

Inspired by and adapted from and Yossi Glieberman

Seven thousand dapim later

Give or take a few

The culmination of Taharos Seder

The secret of the Jew


And what a journey it has been

As seven years have passed

Rejoicing in the first daf

Rejoicing in the last


Were I to list the masechtos

And their dinim recall

There’d be no room in this paper

To mention them all


In each holy volume

There’s so much included

Sometimes seems easy

Sometimes convoluted


And hours and hours

You pored through it all

Some dafim seemed giant

While others seemed small


From dafim you knew

Noshim and Nezikin

Perakim familiar

Like Bameh Madlikin

And who is a stranger

To Arba Avos Nezikin?


The glory of Moed

Sugyos you knew

Hasagos in Shas

You went through them too


Of course it seemed easy

When starting with Brachos

And Shabbos, familiar

You knew the melachos


But then came Eiruvin

Complex diagrams

But you did not falter

Nor change your great plans


Yes, daf by daf

You journeyed

With every day a blatt

And now it’s time to celebrate

Each line and each dot


Began by learning Brachos

The praising of Hashem

And Shabbos with its every p’rat

Scores and scores of them


Then we learned of Eiruvin

Where we can and can’t carry

Pesachim, Korban Pesach

Eat and do not tarry


We learned the laws of chometz

And then Shekalim were sought

And for the Daf Yomi

Yerushalmi was taught

The holiness of Yuma

Avodah and kapparah

Sukkah had us building huts

And Beitzah’s nolad s’varah

Rosh Hashanah saw us

Mechadeish the levanah

And blowing the shofar

With much more kavanah


Moed Kotton, including

To mourn and to fast

The days of Megillah

Will forever last


Chagigah’s halachos

Of korbanos re’iyah

When Yidden will go

Three times for aliyah


With the cheshbonos of Yevamos

We then started Noshim

You simply did not get it

If you’re learning was rushin’


Kesubos is ‘bout contracts

Between man and his wife

Nedorim, Nazir,

Oaths that can change one’s life

Then Sotah that deals

With sadness and strife


And Gittin and Kiddushin

Marriage and divorce

Simcha and sadness

Each one has its course


Ouch! Bava Kama!

What damage did it do?

And then Bava Metziah

I found it first or was it you?


We learned through Bava Basra

And some did understand

Building and chazakah

Who owns the land?

Through our Sanhedrin

Justice is done

Sometimes just three

Sometimes seventy-one


Capital crimes

And paskening debt

Makkos tells us of the klep

That resha’im get

We learned Maseches Shavuos

Be careful what we say

And when one cares

And when one swears

And when one has to pay


And Idiyos attests to

What our sages said

And Horiyos will warn all those

Who sit at the head


Avodah Zarah was enlightening

What goyim would once do

And Avos taught us all the ways

To be a proper Jew


We travelled on to Kodshim

Menachos and Zevochim

We tasted it and bit in

Yoma and Pesachim


And Chullin fascinated us

Innards of chickens and cows

What makes up a treifa

And what the Torah allows


And then we learned Bechoros

The din of firstborn sheep

And many of the other gifts

That a kohein can keep


Arachin, evaluate

The worth of anything

Temurah teaches laws about

Kedushah transferring


We learned about Me’ilah

Making holiness profane

Krisus is where korbanos

For kareis they explain


And Tomid is our daily fare

Middos, the Mikdosh measures

Kinnim are the birds poor men

Would bring as simple treasures


And finally it’s Niddah

To make our homes so pure

So that kedushah will grace us

And holiness ensure


But more than the pages

More than Gemaros

We broadened our lives

With all the hasagos


Kal vachomer and migu

Lo ra’ee zeh

Modeh b’miktzas

Milveh al peh


Kol ha’omeid lizrok

Is kezaruk dami

What an aisvaih

A pircha, a rami?


What’s a misaseik

Psik reisha delo nicha

What’s lo tzricha legufa

Or she’aino tzricha


Can there be yiush

When it’s shelo midaas?

Part of ya’al kegam

Seven places in Shas


Who gets terumah

Who can be toraim?

What is a mazik

And what is a goraim?


Toch kedei dibbur

Gud achis gud asik

Thousands of svaros

Who can be masik?


Modeh b’miktzas

Nishba v’notel

Echad b’shishim

Then it is botel


A journey that thousands

Have travelled together

And all celebrated

In all types of weather


Thousands, maybe millions

Of dear cherished blatt

Some remember them all

And others have forgot

We all joined together

No matter what


Celebrating world-over

United as one

For those who have not yet

And those who are done


Across the whole world

Klal Yisroel stands

One nation together

Beyond Meadowlands


In Cleveland and Pittsburgh

Minni and LA

In Denver, Miami

And in San Jose!


Berlin and Toronto

England and France

Vienna, Australia

Together we danced


Eretz Yisroel

Each town we are in

And who can forget

In Chachmei Lublin!


They joined together

And pledged to go on
Hadran alecha

Lo nisneshei minan!




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