Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023

The Transition

They’re packing up

They’re going home

From where the deer

And buffalo roam


Sounds of splashing

Are replaced

Slow and easy

Now fast paced


Lounging, swimming

Color war

Sadly over

Here no more


Bats, balls, sticks

Are put away

Machzorim, Selichos

In their stay


No Grand Sing

No Grand Cheer

Sounds of mussar

Elul’s here


No more jumping

On the benches

Tefillos now

Deep in the trenches


No more shouting

“Who shall win”

The real battle

Does begin


Road trips now

Are a dead end

Prepare for tefillos

Start to ascend


Ladies shmoozing

By the pool


Prepare for school


Bathing suits

All packed and dry

Thoughts turn to the

School supply


Piled high

On the car rack

We left what we

Could just not pack


The memories

We’ll try to bring

The games we play

The songs we sing


How fast it happens

Quick it goes

Where it went

Just no one knows


But what was once

A month of bliss

We realize soon

What we did miss


In those weeks

That flew by fast

What did we do

In the time passed

And focus now

On what shall last


The weary bones

We hope renewed

A fresh and upbeat


A calm and hopeful

Elul mood


Refreshed, we hope

With vigor, vim

To face the awe-filled

Yom Hadin






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