Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

The Road to Meron



On a lonely mountain, way above

The blue sky of our land

Waits a holy Tanna

For the thousands who had planned


The thousands and the joyous

The old, and the forlorn,

The babes who come in taleisim

All with locks unshorn


The ones who sing

The ones who learn

The ones who dance

While fires burn


And sadly quiet’s

All we hear

Rav Shimon waits

And sheds a tear


For this I had to

Leave my cave?

Where are the young?

Where are the brave?


And suddenly a screech

Comes forth

The shriek and shrill

Comes from the North


All you Jews!

Must Leave! Be Gone!

We shall shoot

From Lebanon!


And comes to mind

The days of yore

Each year the mount

Held more and more


I know it’s not a tzushtell

And don’t mean to be crazy

But somehow thinking of this year

Reminds me of “Betzeisi


Busses, caravans

And music with live bands

Last year going to Meron


Empty roads and sirens

Somber environs

This year the road to Meron


Chassidim en force

Thousands on the concourse

Last year going to Meron


Barely a minyan

With each their own opinion

On this year’s road up to Meron


The fire from Boyan

With thousands looking on

Last year going to Meron


Limited to little groups

Guarded by Israeli troops

On this year’s road up to Meron


Chalakas for the tots

And scores of tents and cots

Last year going to Meron


So many staying home

And thinking of the Iron Dome

On this year’s road up to Meron


Singing the hillula

And performing each segulah

Last year going to Meron


Rav Shimon joining the hillula

Techiyas hameisim and geulah

This year coming from Meron!








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