Wednesday, Dec 7, 2022

The Real Siren

So kinderlach! It's back to school! You have your books and pencils? And teachers! Are you ready with The latest sheets and stencils? Sorry now to interrupt Returning to school joys But somewhere in the distance I hear a piercing noise

It seems to shake the kinderlach

About to start the year

With images of burned-out shells

And safe rooms filled with fear


Oh avreichim, you’re on the way

To kollelim to learn

Your rebbetzins are also gone

They leave their homes to earn


So that you can sit in peace

And horeveh and grow

That kol haTorah kulah

One day you will know


And suddenly a blast is heard

And all begin to hurry

In all directions panicking

Activity a-flurry


Gone are thoughts of Tosafos

Or some new shvereh p’shat

As he now prays the kids are safe

And that no one is shot


He drives a cab

From morn to night

To put food on his table

And any minute he can spare

He learns if he is able


And suddenly

While on the street

A shriek sounds in the sky

The pedal pressed

Down to the floor

His cab begins to fly


Around him

All the vehicles

Are spinning helter-skelter

Looking in a minute

For some sort of form of shelter


The makolet was bustling

As Elul came to call

And people are preparing

For Yom Tovim and all


Their wagons filled with groceries

And kids along in tow

When suddenly the sound began

At first it started low


And then it shrieked


A different sort of sound

And this time

Everybody froze

With awe they looked around


This was not a siren

It came not from Tzahal

This blast was filled with holiness

The way “shtait in Chazal


For this was not a siren

That warned us of our foes

It was a blast we waited for

A sound that a Yid knows


For finally the true blast came

The one to end all fear

The shofar Eliyahu sounds

To say Moshiach’s here



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