Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024

The Only Shofar

They say that the entire year Like Elul it should feel I know it's hard to live like that It's hard to make it real But summertime has now gone by And I begin to wonder If it was not an Elul passed With all the noise and thunder

The shofar sounded months ago

In many different ways

That shook the leisure and the ease

Of lazy summer days


The kidnapping of angels

We prayed that they’d come home

But what we got were missiles

And faith in Iron Dome


The tragedy of tzarah

And when it comes your way

Is when the tzarah

Is your life

Occurring every day


And Tehillim it gets weaker

As if it’s just old news

We slowly get immune to hear

The pain of other Jews


And all across old Europe

Where anti-Semites rule

Yidden are now badgered

Harassed and burnt so cruel



Jewish stores are looted

And schools are filled with fear

A summer when we asked in dread

When will it happen here


And in sunny Miami

A haven for our old

Suddenly the warmth we know

Left us

In chilling cold


A Yid cold-blooded murdered

And not one clue in sight

Has Elul’s fear

Of judgment day

Turned bright days into night?


A week spent searching together

For a bochur who was lost

A diamond gone forever

Perished among the trees of Yerushalayim

Oy lonu ki chatanu


Yes, Elul has come early

The shofar gave its blast

Its call began two months ago

Its piercing cry does last


But will the din of tragedy

Just become some background noise

That somehow we will just ignore

With all our foolish toys?


I pray these tzaros end now

And all thought lost is found

The shofar in our shul each day

The only piercing sound



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