Monday, Jun 24, 2024

The Light We Need

Oy! Do we light this year In such a darkened world The banner of Yavan's dark night Has clearly been unfurled With terror reigning in the streets And in our homes lies fear Oy! Do we need lichtigkeit On Chanukah this year

With forces crying heresy

That all sounds awfully Greek

We hear of men in yarmulkas

Such language they do speak

And children go to places

We thought offered protection

Only to come back so wronged

Results of dereliction

Oy! Do we need the Maccabim

Their brave and fearless cry

To hold the banner of Hashem

“Mi laHashem eilai!”

In golus we once thought was safe

To harbor us at last

The walls that once protected us

Seem to crumble fast!

The Hellenists are rising

They tempt us all to join

With promises of liberty

Our values to purloin

Oy! For drops of oil

To find a few so pure

To light them and see miracles

Is what we all wait for

Where are those drops?

I ask of you

The ones that remained pure

Hidden from the Grecian schemes

Of temptation and lure

Those drops remain


In Torah’s study halls

Their glow remains eternal

Between those sacred walls

And all the plots

Against those drops

And threats of great turmoil

The One Above

With His great love

Will surely always foil

For they shall rise

On the demise

Of all who wish to spoil

The great bright light

Dispelling night

From sacred drops of oil




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