Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024

The Hoaxes

It seems the world Stands on its head And all is upside down We don't know who is serious And who acts like a clown Instead of being somber They're out there making jokes And stuff we thought was critical Is only but a hoax

They fly out to a funeral

A man they hailed a savior

But I read about our prez

Seemed awfully strange behavior


To represent the USA

The leader of the nation

And then snap “selfies” with your phone

Is quite an aberration


The whole world was to listen

Even folks who could not hear

And tributes in sign language

South Africa would share


But who got up to sign the speech?

We all don’t have a clue

And neither did the signer know

The first thing what to do


He moved his hands

And waved his palms

As if he was translating

To anyone who knew the truth

It simply was degrading


Hoaxes abound

In this false world

A sucker born each minute

We laugh out loud

At least at times

When we are not

Caught in it!


A story from St. Louis

Someone had some fun

A lady who was “knocked out”

She pulled a hefty gun

She shot up the assailant

Three shots and maybe four

And so it went the story

He ain’t knocking anymore


It was not a plain story

The lady’s 93

But soon enough we all found out

It was not meant to be


Another hoax created

To make some quirky news

To raise the rating, make a splash

For ratings they could use


And calls to the old ladies

And guys who say they’re cops

We need your help to

Catch a thief

And make sure that he stops


And so they take their info

And credit cards and cash

And fool them into adding to

Their sad unlawful stash


No matter where you stand in life

There’s someone out there too

Who thinks he’s smarter than us all

And much smarter than you


So it may be the man on top

Or just a lowly cheat

It can be a fellow who

You just happened to meet


It is olam hasheker

The only thing that’s true

From politicians

To the trade

Someone’s out for you!



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