Sunday, Jan 16, 2022

The Find

To you it seems like a big chore Going through your every drawer And looking for those crumbs galore And all surprises that's in store

To you it may sound like a bore
What do you really need it for?
But mom says clean up
More and more!
Not a crumb
And she’ll make sure!

I rummaged through my pockets
I vacuumed up my desk
The things I must admit I found
Well, some were quite grotesque

What did I find?
Shall I play dumb
Or tell of wads
Of chewing gum

I found the keys to my old car
And buttons in a baby jar
And coins I thought I’d never see
But not a copper ‘43!

I found pens
And markers too
Some green, some yellow and some blue
Old ticket stubs that do not pas
Except from the
Siyum Hashas

Parking receipts and tickets too
Accruing fines since ‘92
A heel I lost from one old boot
A cleaners ticket for my suit

More cleaners stubs
That really hurts
And I told mom
I lost my shirts

Wait! There’s a crust
From some old bread
My brother shlepped it
To my bed!

And there’s a pretzel
On the side
A tiny shnapps bottle
I did hide!

It’s good I found it
Before biur
The end of it
I’d never hear

Hey wait! What’s that?
A ticket, red
Mega Millions
On its head

I’ll check the numbers
And I’ll see
Maybe gelt’s
In store for me

I quickly do thorough research
And on the edge of seat I perch
The numbers match!
A millionaire!
I give a shout!
Into the air!

Bedikas chometz
I love you
What a gift for every Jew!
I dance around for this great win
I do not know where to begin 

And then I look upon the date
And realize that I’m
One day late
Within one year
I was required
To cash this ticket
That’s expired

But I still am a millionaire
And I still shout into the air
For though the bucks
I shall not see
My room and drawers
Are chometz-free

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