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The Document

This is a tale, I'd like to write I hope you will allow I think I read it somewhere Or I heard it from Rav Lau It was the days before the state The Zionists were pleading The British and the world at large Said they would hold a meeting

Each group would present its case

As to why The Land was theirs

The Arabs, Christians and the Jews

Would each say why they’re heirs

A panel of great judges

Together would convene

And hear the arguments they made

And judge if they’re pristine

The Christians they presented first

And told of their new god

The panel seemed to wonder

That sounds a little odd

Why would you have the Vatican

And put your pope in Rome

If you are so connected here

And Israel is your home?

The mufti he then took his stand

And said: We’re here for ages

These Jews they came from Europe

And so did all their sages!

We were here and then they came

Please prove why you were sent

You said that G-d gave you the land?

Where is the document?

All eyes turned to Ben-Gurion

Who saw the lies and libel

He pounded on the podium

And then picked up a Bible

You want the proof?

You want the deed?

That says we won’t succumb

The Land of Israel’s for the Jews

The children of Avrohom

You all believe the word of G-d!

His law you won’t dispute

So look here inside Genesis

The fact you can’t refute

I heard that there was silence

They did not answer back

A retort to His holy law

All of them did lack

Of course the rest is history

We know it made no dent

Despite the proof of written law

There only was dissent

But there is more to that strange tale

A tale that’s even greater

Rav Lau visited Ben-Gurion

In Be’er Sheva years later

He told him of the story

“Bible waving? Is it true?

Is that the response that you made

Is that what you did do?”

Ben-Gurion affirmed it

A sparkle in his eyes

As if to pat himself so proud

Convincing and so wise

Rav Lau then asked a question

“Mr. Ben-Gurion

I wonder if a document

A deal was written on

If half the document is false

You’d say it won’t apply

Is the rest considered valid?

Or the whole thing is a lie?”

The former prime minister

In all his pomp and glory

Wrinkled up his nose and eyes

And listened to the story

Rav Lau continued his concern

About the statesman’s actions

And asked him simple questions

And waited for reactions

“The document you showed those men

It was not just great lore

Besides the Land of Israel

There does contain much more!

You herald words about the land

But abscond with the rest

Your document cries Shabbos

And kashrus at its best!

The Torah tells of shatnez

Of tefillin and of Shemittah

It’s not only the Land it speaks

Sabras, falafel, pitah!

How dare you take a document

And say it is your creed

When most of all that’s in it

You do not care to heed?!”

Ben-Gurion was silent

His face a shade of red

He had no words to answer

What Rav Lau had just said

This week we all affirm the land

The purchase near Chevron

We shout about the Me’arah

It’s something that we own!

And one day it will truly be

A place that’s not disputed

And all the lies the Arabs say

Openly refuted

Until that time, however

Till Moshiach’s sent

All we have to show to them

The sacred document

But we must validate it

Affirming it’s all true

And keeping every word it says

The virtue of a Jew

And when that document is kept

And each word we endear

We’ll have no claimants on our land

Moshiach, we’ll be here!




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