Thursday, Jun 8, 2023

The Chevra

The call may come In dark of night Not only to those sleeping But for the friends and family A watch They all were keeping Was shattered by The saddest news A loved one has been taken And now the next call will soon come The Chevrah will awaken

Perhaps that call may swift arrive

A storm that just appears

To wreak the havoc

In its wake

Leaving only tears


And who, I ask

In dark of night

Is there to calm the storm?

To first respond

To comfort some

Arrange and then inform


To expedite

In dark of night

To bring kavod acharon

To be there when

The strongest men

Can’t do it on their own


The women leave

Their families

And now become arrangers

For chessed done

With no payback

For grieving, total strangers


To run to hospitals and morgues

And nursing homes as well

And news to bear

And calm despair

In words they know to tell


They are Chevrah Kadishah

The few. The proud. The brave.

Who do their work


From deathbed to the grave


And Zayin Adar

We salute

A tribute to these heroes

Who do their job

And don’t expect

Nothing more than zeros


Perhaps it is befitting

The time we honor them

Is on the day

Of passing

The humblest of men



The selflessness

Of chessed with no end

A nation that would gripe and kvetch

He’d constantly defend


He saw a generation

Pass on for forty years

And saw them to their burial

On Tisha B’Av with tears


And he along

With all of them

Would have to stay behind

The care and love for Yisroel

Would never leave his mind


And on the day

The seventh

They hid him straight from birth

120 years hidden again

Somewhere in this earth


We recognize our Chevrah

Their chessed is so true

They strive to emulate

The love

Of Moshe Rabbeinu




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