Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024

The Call Of Elul

I ask you

As you read this poem

Are you in camp?

Or are you home?


Are you on some

distant island?

In a valley

Or a highland?


Truth be told

I do not care

You can be

Just anywhere


It makes no difference

Where you go

Fancy resort




Got to know

You just cannot say

“It ain’t so”


An announcement

Is soon coming

Hearts are pounding

Souls are drumming


You know to what

I do refer

The fact that in shul

They’ll declare

Another week



Oh, yes! I know

It’s August Three

What does Bashevkin

Want from me?


Camps are running

Kids are playing

Why say something

So dismaying?


Oh! No! My friend

You can relax

My words are not

Mussar attacks


All I say

Just be aware

Despite the fun

Yes! Elul’s here


So what you do

And what you wear

And how you act

And when and where

Perhaps a bit you

Ought to care


For if in settings

So sublime

You decide to spend the time

To raise the level

Of vacation

And fill it with great inspiration


The shofar that

Shall sound in camp

Your level surely

Up the ramp


For kedusha can indeed

Your vacation


And a summer

Even fun

Can elevate

Just anyone


For if intentions

Are real pure

Though Elul’s knocking

At your door

I think we all

Can still be sure

That we can flourish

Not just endure


For if you say it

Strong and loud

Shout it out

Among the crowd


Preparing in an atmosphere

Where most everyone

Just could not care

And yet you valiantly declare


For Elul’s here!


Then even though the first two weeks

May be away

In mountains peaks

You will succeed until the fast

From that first clear

Shofar blast



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