Friday, Dec 8, 2023

The Blame Game

I start this poem

The summit’s on

And by the time I end

The summit’s off

Oh no! It’s on!

Well, really, “it depends!”



I am not sure

Who’s here at fault

We all like to point fingers

And then accuse

With tweets and taunts

And sound bytes

Filled with zingers




Middle East


China, it’s the same

Everyone but the culprits

Will always point and blame




Be it Gaza’s violent crew

Who threaten to attack

Will blame those who

Defend themselves

If they dare shoot back



Kim Jong Un can threaten

And call Mike Pence a dope

And if the prez dares answer back

Kim will kvetch and mope




The liberals and UN will scream

And yell and shout

It’s Israel’s fault for fighting back

They’ll scream without a doubt



Everyone just loves to join

They all will play the game

Like 1-800-You Got Junk

Just simply “point and blame”



Ukrainians blame Russians

Putin blames them back

The Taliban blames Afghans

The Indians blame “Pak”



The Dems blame the Republicans

Of course, Trump blames the news

But everyone surely knows

Always blame the Jews!



I cannot solve the problems

Of such a global world

With all the issues changing

And new crises unfurled




Perhaps, though, in my own life

Among my Jewish brothers

Perhaps look first

To blame myself

Instead of blaming others!




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