Thursday, Jan 26, 2023

Taanis 27: Zos Chanukah

On this daf, we find a halacha regarding laining.

The last day of Chanukah is called “Zos Chanukah” after the day’s Torah reading. The deeper works write that this day is the ultimate culmination of the Yomim Noraim, since this is when Hashem finalizes one’s yearly judgment. It is customary in many communities to sing songs from Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur on this day and do a complete teshuvah to maximize this day.

Some years, Rosh Chodesh is on Shabbos Chanukah and we read from three Sifrei Torah: the regular Shabbos portion, the Rosh Chodesh reading, and the Chanukah laining. The Ohev Yisroel writes that this alludes to the three seforim that are opened during this Yom Tov: the book of the righteous, the book of the wicked, and the book of beinonim. This is an extra reminder to repent, since one’s final entry for the year is on Zos Chanukah (Seraf Pri Eitz Chaim; Ohev Yisroel).




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