Saturday, May 25, 2024

Swearing In

Oh! It's that time of year again The pols, they are sworn in And many of them raise their hand And swear to our chagrin “I will uphold the laws and rules Of this country or state And make new rules that we decide Are better for your fate”

One hand is raised
The other placed

Squarely on a Bible

And thus a session will begin

With name-calling and libel!


And they will look

Down at their Book

A smile spreading wide

And they affirm by the Good Book

But never look inside!


It seems the stuff they legislate

The rules they try to make

Quite often contradict the Book

Upon which oaths they take


Oh they’ll go to constituents

After what they do

And find a way to quote the Book

They love to misconstrue


To me it is amazing

“Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal”

And all the rules

That mankind knew

It seems they shall repeal


They use the book, just as a prop

To raise their hand and swear

They cannot find G-d’s Covenant

Or they simply do not care!


The part that promises the Land

To Isaac and his kin

Must have been cut

From their “Great Book”

They can’t find it within!


And morals they have tossed out

With ethos and great quotes

Indeed, they’ll bow to anything

If it will get them votes


They’ll go back to their districts

And treat the folks like fools

In churches they will sing the songs

And press the flesh in shuls


But they all have ambitions

I’m not sure of their goals

I wonder what the power does

To have them sell their souls


Indeed it is a cycle

Kowtow and run again

And swear on the Bible

And let us say, “Amen!”


If you’d ask my opinion

Bashevkin indeed thinks

The way they swear with Bibles

Really, really stinks!


I truly do not have a voice

And I don’t make the laws

But I propose a minor change

To fix some minor flaws


No more Bible swearing

Don’t like the way it looks

Instead of Holy Bibles

Swear on comic books



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