Monday, May 27, 2024

Still Burning

The wicks still steeped in oil Now lie in a heap The flame that burns the leftovers Are memories we keep And though we've done the mitzvah And Chanukah is gone Until the month of Adar Those memories live on

The snow will start to fall again
Across the fruited plain
And memories of those warm nights
Forever will sustain

How do we get through
Darkest nights
And centuries of pain?
It may be drops of oil
That always do remain

Indeed the oil that is left
And wicks not fully burned
Are still regarded holy
A merit they have earned

We shant abscond the actions
That once lit up the night
Though they are extinguished
The holiness shines bright

They are shiyarei mitzvah
To cherish with our soul
And realize that their sanctity
Forever will be whole

As we perform a mitzvah
That may be just for days
Please understand
It does not leave
The mitzvah always stays

And thus the month of Teves
Will segue into Shevat
For many candle-lighters
Kislev they forgot

But for those of us who cherish
The mitzvos that are dear
Despite the fact
That flames are gone
The ruach is still here

Indeed it shall sustain us
Its power will not wane
And soon there will be Purim
To lift us up again!



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