Saturday, Jul 20, 2024

Springtime for Yidden

Despite the cold harsh winter The flowers now shall bloom I see today a sunny day Can dispel all the gloom Indeed we made a bracha We saw the tiny bud That sprouted under dark clouds And rains that caused a flood

For Nissan is now over

And spring is in the air

I’m sure the smell of blooming hope

Will purify the air


The sun will shine brightly

And melt the winter’s cold

With green grass fields

And chirping birds

Salvation will unfold


And harmony will fill the air

For all of us at home

Across the globe

For all of those

Who will not read this poem


Jails will spring

The innocent

And peace will bloom worldwide

And somehow all antagonists

Will now take our side


And all the evil in the world

Will soon just melt away

And children will then

Be themselves

To learn, to laugh, to play


And families will reunite

And peaceful bliss shall rain

With droplets that are filled with joy

And wash away disdain


It sounds like just

A fantasy

A silly poet’s dream

A plot that is impossible

A raving madman’s scheme


But no, my friend

The sun does shine

Remember all the frost

And days that were just darkness

We thought the sun was lost


And look, my friend!

Yes, all has changed!

And winter’s just like shade

When sun is cast

Its memories

Of all the cold does fade


We’re no longer in Egypt

We’re traveling towards home

A stop at Sinai we shall make

No longer shall we roam


And winter’s spell

Is cast away

And melted in the sun

And all will shine

In light Divine

As they declare as one


That winter’s cold

Will freeze no more

Thawed eternally

His brightness and

His splendor there

For everyone to see


And sprouting from

The whole world’s lips

Like a blooming floral bud

Will come the words

We’ve longed to hear

Hashem, Ushemo Echod




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