Thursday, May 30, 2024

Spread The Thanks

Last week I saw

To my delight

A letter to the

Readers Write

It praised Bashevkin

And his poem

Of course the letter

Sure hit home

Who does not like

A compliment

A simple note

That someone sent

To just say thanks!

And share a thought

About the paper

That they bought

And then I thought

They must have read

All the great stuff

In Yated

Why stop with

Yated’s magazine

There’s so much great stuff

In between

So here’s the letter

That I send

To all the writers

All who penned

Thank you, editorial

Of course, CM’s pictorial

Reb Yitzy and his Food for Thought

Worth the paper that I bought

Rabbi Besser and Roundtable

Rabbi Brezak aptly able

Avrohom B.’s brilliant insights

Spero’s column always delights

Avi Yishai’s take on news

Yaakov Kornreich’s

Brilliant views

Avraham Brodie’s

News on Jews

Avi Yishai’s poignant thought

Shidduch Forum, so much taught

CBS tidbits

Nice and short


A timely vort

Torah, s’chorah

Just the best


For every fest

A paper takes

Much more than poems

From the production

To your homes

Ads and layouts



And elocution

I know I missed

A million writers

All of you

Are true delighters

So don’t just thank

This man of rhyme

Thank the endless

Work and time

For every word

You may have read

It’s amazing

The Yated



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