Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024

Some Hechsher…Some Tzedek?

I read a label Yes, my friend Just the other day I am not sure What it did mean What did it really say?

Something about a hechsher

“Tzedek” it did say

Is it the “Bais Din Tzedek”?

My friend, I say, “No way!”


This new “Tzedek” type of food

Kosher? I don’t know!

It’s all about positioning

They’re putting on a show


They do not care

If milk and meat

Perhaps were somehow mixed

Just use organic


And the problem is now fixed


And if your great machinery

Runs on eco-fuel

Then you can add some cochineal

They think that’s really cool


If women are

Worked hard like men

With equal pay and rights

Then Hechser Tzedek’s

Got your back

The Rabbah for you fights


They’ll spread their symbol

All around

With every chance they can

And Torah will be

Governed by

Their underhanded plan


They’ll mask it with

A Magen

And say it’s just a seal

That helps “Tikkun Olam”

And then…

Throws innocents in jail


The sukkah that

You built last fall

Does it have Hechsher Tzedek?

If builders were not

Union men

Then that will be your headache!


And is your Arba Minim’s

Lulav from El Arish?

What did they pay the laborer?

No hechsher there!



The menorah that you’re lighting

I think this is no joke

Polluting the environment

With oil, flames and smoke!


The Torah that you have in shul

How did they get the klaf?

Were PETA kooks consulted

Before they took it off?


Perhaps they’ll take it farther

And say there’s no more meat

Whatever PETA will dictate

That standard they shall meet


What Shulchan Aruch dictates

Means nothing to that creed

It’s the morals of the HUC

That they decide to heed


No hechsher for Shavuos!

No blintzes filled with cheese!

Have you heard of cholesterol

That causes heart disease?


“Oh yes,” their ‘rabbis’

Tell the world

“We live in a new age

And kashrus means not Torah laws

But paying proper wage


“And we don’t care

What Karo says

Forget about the Shach

Was he not some rabbi

Who lived in Benei Brak?


“Of course we love tradition

And eat gefilta fishes

As long as they’re not

Caught with nets

According to our wishes!


“Who cares if it’s a swordfish?

Perhaps a catfish too

Fins and scales don’t matter now

The laws we shall renew!


“Oh yes, my friend

We’re wiser!

‘Cause we got Avi’s crew

We’re redefining moral

And Shulchan Aruch too!


And no one wants

To fight with them

‘Cause “we’re ethical too!”

Just watch! Perhaps

We’ll see the day

That they replace OU!



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