Tuesday, May 21, 2024

So Many Sons

I know the Baal Haggadah States that there are four But I look around The world we have And I see many more Of course They're all included In each of the main four But look around and ponder The children of our dor

We have the wise son

Who does ask

But then there’s one who tries

He just takes longer to digest

But I would call him wise


And then there is the child

Who somehow can’t sit still

Diagnosed with ADD

(And yes the wine he’d spill)


He will ask the questions

His mind is sharp and keen

He just can’t wait

As it gets late

So he’s a jumping bean!


And then there is the child who

Really wants to eat

And every vort

That you add on     

He jumps out of his seat


And there is one who’s listless

He does not care too much

He’s angry that it’s Yom Tov

And there’s no iPod Touch


The kid who’s home from Israel

After a two-year stay

He takes apart

(He’s really smart)

Every word you say


And then of course the little guys

From makkos they are scared

And grade school kids with vertlach

About the quick white beard!


Your daughter’s sem in Israel

Must have taught a lot

You’ll say a vort

But her “report”

Will say a different p’shat


And then there are the marrieds

Who come from out of town

You really can’t recite and chant

When their kids run around


And then there is the gamut

When seated is a range

From bochurim who kler all night

And diapers you must change


And sadly there’s the kid outside

Who just sent out a text

The only reason he came home

It’s Mom who he respects


We have some who are angry

The teacher called them dumb

Would you call him a rasha

If really he’s a tam?


The child who’s not confident

He has what to ask

But he’s afraid

Fun will be made

He hides behind the mask


You think he lacks direction

You think he has no goal

But you must reach him

And learn to teach him

Be yodeia lishol!


The kid we call a rasha

He does not wear a hat?!

In some Haggados I have seen

He holds a ball and bat!


I know that the Haggadah

Describes there are four sons

It’s not our task

Each time they ask

We classify each ones


Our job is how to answer

As if they all are dear

This way we know

That where they go

They’ll ask again next year



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