Friday, Oct 15, 2021

Simcha Felder Elected To The Senate; Receives Decisive Margin Of Victory

Simcha Felder won election to the New York State Senate from the 17th district in Brooklyn by a decisive margin of victory. Felder received a firm majority of votes from every neighborhood of the 17th district, and won every polling site in the district. “Tonight might seem like a celebration of a victory,” said Felder celebrating victory. “But we must take a moment to reflect on the anguish of so many of our friends from across New York who are still recovering from the aftermath of the Hurricane. We pray for their recovery, and we will continue doing everything we can – as a community – to bring them every possible assistance we can offer.

“Tonight’s great victory belongs to the people of the communities I’ll have the honor of serving. We all need the same things from our government. We want our government to provide safe communities, good schools, clean streets. And we want our government to spend our money wisely. Because it is not the government’s money–it’s our money.


“So when I go to Albany in January, I’ll fight as hard as I can to reduce the tax burden on our community. I’ll fight as hard as I can to make our communities safer. I’ll fight as hard as I can to make sure that every child gets the best possible education. And you can bet that I’ll fight as hard as I can to finally bring our families relief from the ever-growing burden of tuition. Whether through tax credits, vouchers or whatever you want to call it — the State has an obligation to our families. And I’ll go to Albany and do my best to collect on that obligation.


“This has been a long, hard campaign. And as I promised from the day I entered this race: If you elect me, I’ll hit the ground running the second I get to Albany.


“This is a great victory, but it doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to all of us. So please, give yourselves congratulations, and be my partner when I go to Albany on January 1st.”


Felder ran as a Conservative Democrat, after receiving a decisive margin of victory in the Democratic primary and winning the Conservative party nomination through a write-in candidacy.

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