Thursday, Sep 21, 2023


Sometimes a tragedy is so great, there is nothing to say. We cannot verbalize our feelings. We are stunned. Hurt. Silent. What can you say when seven siblings are taken in a flash? Not by Arabs, Thugs, Or murderers, But by Hashem Himself.

Seven korbanos.
Asher ein bohem mum.

Yorad dodi legano,
Lilkot bashoshanim,
Kevosim temimim.

We take life,
And financial well-being
For granted.

We go through the day
Without making a cheshbon
At night.
We don’t thank Hashem
For all the good.
We fail to think about all the little things,
And the big ones.

Appreciate what we have,
Join together,
Rid our world of machlokes,
Silly disputes.

Nobody asked
Or cared
About background
Or community.

They were Jewish children,
Boys and girls,
Holy neshamos,
Scooped up.
And all of Klal Yisroel mourned.

People couldn’t catch their breath.
In the Jewish world, there wasn’t a dry eye.
People flocked to the levayos,
Mourning the tragedy.

They broke down,
One aron,
And another,
And another,
And another,
And another,
And another,
And another.

Children who had cried out
For their mother.
“Ima, save me!”
“Ima, save us!”

And there was nothing anyone could do.
Gezeirah hee min hashomayim.
Yorad dodi legano
Lilkot bashoshanim.

On Rosh Chodesh Hageulah,
Higia zeman geulas
Those holy neshamos.

The pains of chevlei Moshiach
Searing our souls.
Preparing them.
May the day soon come
When tragedy is a thing of the past,
All sick are healed,
And the exiled are brought home.

May the day soon come
When the souls of the departed
Are reunited with us.

Including those of
And Yaakov.

Sincerest condolences to
Reb Gavriel and Mrs. Gila Sassoon,
And to their precious Tzipora.
May they be healed,
And strong,
Ad bias goel tzedek
Bimeheirah beyomeinu. Amein.



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