Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022

Say Thank You

Did you ever get a funny feeling

When one starts praising you?

“I loved your speech!” “You sing so nice”

“You’re great at what you do!”


“I love the way you daven

“I love the way you lain

I know it may feel good inside

But…responding is a pain


Indeed, you are quite proud inside

But want to remain humble

You nod your head, your face turns red

And you begin to mumble


You don’t want to agree with them

You do not want to boast

And say, “You’re right! I do sing great

My fans they love me most!”


But to refute, you are not sure

Is it false humility?

To even try, falsely deny

The gift, your capability


“Nah! It really was not good

My speech was unprepared!

The song I sang, it was off key

At least that’s what I heard”


The fellow wants to make you proud

And say how he admired

But you protest

What he addressed

The fact that you inspired


“Yasher koach! What a job!”

And you begin to blush

You’d like to say

“Just go away!”

And leave them in a rush!


“Hashem gave me this talent

Nothing to do with me

I know I got there on the stage

For everyone to see


“But I don’t want the cheers and claps

Going to my head

I know I had them mesmerized

But gaavah I do dread


“I don’t want to ignore them

I’d look just like a snob

But why the cheers and the applause?

To me it’s just a job


“I know the paper came out great

It took hours of work

But I don’t want to beat my chest

Or leave him with a smirk


“You really liked my painting?

To me it was a breeze

I can make a thousand more like those

Doing it with ease!


“You loved the speech I gave last week

At that great big convention?

Please line up here and compliment

I sure love the attention!”


I’m sure that some would love it

To be praised every day

But it’s not healthy for your head

When people talk that way


Yet, everyone feels good inside

To be appreciated

Despite the mushy compliments

That make you overrated


“I loved the poem you wrote last week”

Bashevkin sometimes hears

“I’m not sure who the writer is

So tell him (if he cares)


“I’m sure that he’ll be glad to know

That we appreciate

Although we’re not sure who he is

We still reciprocate”


So, for all the complimenters

I think what’s best to do

Smile humbly and just say

“I appreciate. Thank you.”


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