Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023

Sad Lessons

Oh the spies! Yes, each did look But not one of them Mussar he took

From Miriam

So much to learn

But blinded by

Their own concern


I wonder sometimes

Headlines screaming

Of accusations

Lies and scheming


Of course we would

Rather not see

But if we did

It’s meant to be!


So mussar for

Our sullied eyes

Of ruach shtus

And shmutz and lies


So now I heard

The newsman’s view

I’d like to share

A thing or two


That I learned from

These sordid tales

Without the terrible



To throw away

A whole career

For acts so banal

Crazed and queer


To lose in moments

Years of work

In moments like

You’ve gone berserk


A person’s work to

Throw away

For one desire

Gone astray


Is that not what

Our Chazal say?

How three desires

Drive away!

A chance in this world

Us to stay!


And one more item

On the list

Nothing in this world

Is missed


A note, a line

A tweet, a Twitter

A word released

Can make you tzitter


We knew this many

Eons ago

There are no secrets

All shall know!


A message sent

Both loud and clear

Do we listen

Do we hear?


Truly an

Entire shmuess

Can come from tidbits

In the news


That all that’s said

Mumbled or clear

Will one day float

Back in the air

Reminding us

Just Who to fear!


Every story

Is a session

Telling us

A major lesson


So if somehow

You see the news

Do not listen

To “their” views

But what it means

To us as Jews




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