Thursday, Sep 16, 2021

Purim Redefined

It's Purim Have I Lost my mind When normal now Is redefined? And institutions Set in stone Out the window They are thrown


What is life


Man and wife


What they want

Does make me squirm


And change the term


Perhaps stealing

Has new meaning

To politicians



A man is not now

Called a thief

If what he steals

Brings him relief


It’s not stealing

They propose


That they transpose


New ideas

Are in effect

To be politically




Are theologians

Hiding in

A horse that’s trojan



Are liberators


Are now called traitors


And those who question

And debate

Are redefined

As those who hate!


If you’re not leaning

To the left

Of compassion

You’re bereft


Just the venom

They can spew

If it does

Berate the Jew


House of worship

Structured school

Just a source of


To every single

Moral rule


They will tell us

What to do

Just laugh and say

“It’s good for you!”


Yes redefining

Marriage laws

Backing every

Depraved cause


In the name

Of love and peace

They will not stop

They will not cease


And say

They’re the ones

To dole the love

And not

The Holy One Above


Don’t punish those

Who kill in hate

The unborn kids

Deserve that fate

As they destroy

What He’d create


And force their views

And call it health

When it is sacrilege

In stealth


It’s Purim!

Venahafoch Hu!

I pray for times

When me and you

Will have a place

Where all would do

The 7 they’re

Supposed to do


But my friend

What should I think

As generations

Slowly sink

Is this all

A waste of ink?


But with all

Their thinking

And their plan

I say that they

Never can



The holiday

We celebrated




They won’t stop us

From dancing

And mocking

Haman’s fall

They shall not say

“You can’t make fun!

Oh! That’s not right at all!”



We’ll dress up

Our children

We’ll dance around the streets

We’ll eat and drink together

And give our children sweets


For Purim’s joy

Shall never fade

Despite their machinations

They shall not jade

Our simcha

With their intimidations


From now until geulah

Purim means celebration

Which I am sure

Will lead quite soon

To our great salvation


And they will try to stop us

With all their protestation

Moshiach will just laugh at them,

When he comes to free

Our nation!

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