Monday, Jun 10, 2024

Purim On High

This muse is meant For Purim day (If this comes early Put it away!) And take it out Adar 14 Please don't look On days between!

For what I muse

And what I write

May only work

For Purim night


And all the silly things

I say

May just make sense

For Purim day


Perhaps please hold it

For the seudah

Where there are drinks

And lots of foodah

(Okay my rhyme

Is kind of crudah

It’s good you’re in

A better mooda

How do ya, do ya

Like Reb Shmuel Kunda)


So read a line

And take a drink

But most of all

Prepare to think


About the depth

Not of my word

But rather ‘bout

A world absurd


Where topsy-turvy

Sure does reign

Distinguished men

They act insane

The poor are fine

The rich complain


A world of Haman

If you see

That “Kol zeh aino

Shoveh lee”


There could be war

Nuclear fate

Perhaps a terror

Next-door state


Makes no difference

Can’t you see

“Kol zeh aino

Shoveh lee”


As long as Yankel

Sits and learns

They really have

Not one concern!


Just shlep him out

To the army

Yes, “Kol zeh aino

Shoveh lee”


A world where


Shall rise

The world cannot

Believe their eyes

Lo and behold

To their surprise


Hashem does magic

For each dor

My friend, we’ve been here

Times before


They try to stop us

Every tie-em!

But instead

We drink lechayim!


(Insert drink here!)


Paroh forced

Our slavery

Ended sinking

In the sea!


Down he went

In Yam Suf’s mayim


Let’s drink lechayim!


(Insert drink here!)



Burned us down

Indeed the golus

Is around


But we are still

Around today!


Where’s the cabernet?


(Insert drink here!)


Chmielnicki thought he’d win

He said, “The Jews!

We’ll do them in!”

Like Haman

He could not fargin!

But we’re still here

To their chagrin!

Lechayim! Try some

Rose de Vin!


(Insert drink here!)


Yes! Hitler, that

Yemach shemo

Said to Haman

“You, I’ll show!”

Indeed, he took

So many souls

But he would never

Reach his goals


Netzach Yisroel

Lo yeshaker

They are gone

Yet we are here

(Once again

Insert drink here!)


Oh yes, my friends

I do not finish

Pain I mean not

To diminish


But it is Purim

Focus high!

And up toward Heaven

Turn your eye!


And just say, “Thank you”

Don’t ask, “Why?”

Another drink

Will you supply?


(Insert drink here!)


And sing!

And dance!

And fill with bliss!

Remembering at least just this


No matter what

They want to do!

There’s a Purim

For the Jew!


Hashem will always

Get us through

With messengers

For me and you


Like Boruch Haman!

Whoops! The Jew!


Forgot who’s who!


Boruch Bashevkin?


I cannot rhyme

I don’t know the reason for it


(Was that supposed to be?

I don’t know why!)


It can’t be drink

Why I can’t think

I’m not sure if I had any

They say I’ve had

A few too many!


So I guess

I’ll quit

While I’m ahead

Ah Freilichin Purim!

Off to bed!



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