Thursday, Apr 18, 2024

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    Imagine that you’re a bear. On a certain crisp morning, you amble toward a certain river and position yourself at a certain
  Let Us Daven for a Safe and Calm Yom Tov I believe I have told you in the past that I once spent
  One of the vivid memories that I have from my childhood is of the ne’ilas hachag on Pesach at Agudas Yisrael of Toronto,
  Here, we finally are in the month of Nissan. Pesach, the Yom Tov when we celebrate our freedom, is upon us. The weather has
    MASKS You might say that we all have a bit of the con artist in us. I don’t mean that in a
  By Gabriel Geller, WSET III – Royal Wine/Kedem   I highly recommend these wines for the upcoming Purim seudah. It is a diverse
In this week’s parsha of Pekudei, the posuk states, “All the work necessary for the Mishkon was completed, as the Jewish people did everything
  Fish in the Sea Purim is drawing near, and this year, along with the joy and festivity of the holiday, we will also
  This Shabbos, we announce the arrival of the second month of Adar, granting us another opportunity to take advantage of the obligation to


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