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    Imagine that you’re a bear. On a certain crisp morning, you amble toward a certain river and position yourself at a certain
  Let Us Daven for a Safe and Calm Yom Tov I believe I have told you in the past that I once spent
  One of the vivid memories that I have from my childhood is of the ne’ilas hachag on Pesach at Agudas Yisrael of Toronto,
  Here, we finally are in the month of Nissan. Pesach, the Yom Tov when we celebrate our freedom, is upon us. The weather has
    Hostages’ Families Protest Political Exploitation The hostages are on everyone’s minds. At this point, it is clear that Hamas is in no
If you would want to describe the Yom Tov we celebrated this week in one word, what would it be? I would say liberation.
Political Upheaval in the Government I am not sure if you heard much about it, but there was a minor explosion in the government
For many centuries, the order of the Four Parshiyos has been discussed and analyzed. The Sheim M’Shmuel (Parshas Tzav, page 90) offers an original
Miss A has been shopping all afternoon and has finally found a dress that’s perfect… or almost. Anxiously, she turns to her friend. “Is
Should I do it? Should I actually mention those two words that are taboo to so many people, especially to the ezras noshim? You
  Many nations have risen up to battle us, subjugate us, and torment us, yet Amaleik is singled out for eternal derision. Many of
  How Josef Stalin Helped Found the State of Israel   As Purim approaches, at a time when Israel faces betrayal from world leaders
  Nissim the Barber and His Divrei Torah Nissim the barber greeted his patrons, who enjoy his sharp insights together with the rhythmic clipping


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