Sunday, Jul 14, 2024

Ode to the Cheerio

Last week, the Cheerio turned 70. Bashevkin writes an ode to the little Os… Mazel tov dear Cheerios They say you're getting old But you're still young in my home That's how the saying goes

You’re the guys

Who taught me

To pick up food and chew

And you were there

For my kids

And for ainiklach, too!

Of course with new varieties

And ones that mimic you!


You’re sweetened

And you’re coated

In ways to make you sell

Produced by many


Even pas Yisroel!


You’re stuck on many high chairs

And strewn across the floor

And caused so many tantrums

When kids they wanted more


And you’re the culprit

In the spring

When mommies shriek, “Oh no!”

When Erev Pesach, shaifalah

Finds a Cheerio!


You’re hidden in the crevices

Of car seats, strollers, chairs

And you may lie there quietly

Stuck for years and years!


And one day in the future

Some little fingers will

Find you in a tiny crack

An appetite to fill!


When moms say

No to chocolate

And no more chips for you

A zip-lock bag of Cheerios

Will be what’s right for you!


Indeed you’ve been

Around the block

And stood through thick and thin

When food fads fade

And disappear

Cheerios are in!


They make you

In all flavors

Honey nut and sweet

But I believe original

Was the greatest treat


I think there’s apple cinnamon

And fruity flavors too

And chocolate flavored Cheerios

And always something new


And now some claims

Are on your box

Some stuff we never heard

For in our day “cholesterol”

Was something quite absurd!


So happy birthday Cheerios

You’re 70 but sound

When all the flakes

Will fade away

You still will be around!




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