Monday, Jun 24, 2024


Get back, he said You've got it wrong Go back to once You did belong

Of borders

Forged in forty-eight

When Arab armies

Six or eight

All attacked

To end your state


Go back to


When no one cared

About the Jew


Whatever he would

Want to do

We let Hitler

Do to you


Go back

To 1648

Let Chelmenicki



And every fiend

Shall lie in wait

Ready to

Decide your fate


I wonder if

You would resent

My uninformed

Dear president


If what you say

That we should do

We’d say the same thing

Back to you


Go back, US

To ‘48

Except for you

A different date

Like back to



Go back

He says

He rants

He raves

A time when free men

Once were slaves


Go back in time

I ask of you

When the US

Belonged to Sioux

Is that what you

Want us to do?


For sake of peace

To make amends

Give back land

To Indians?


Is there no


They said they’d push us

To the sea!

“Just give!” You say

“You must trust me!”


So please, Obama

Do not hock

And tell us to

Turn back the clock


Go back, you say

To pre-war borders

I ask you, sir

Please watch your orders


For since that time

They made the state

Back in



Your Arab friends

They could not wait

To send the Jews

To a doomed fate

And Hitler’s dreams

To recreate


So if you say

Go back in time

I shall not respond

So quite sublime


We will go back

I guarantee

To the real time

When we were free


We will go back

As you demand

A time when Israel

Was our land

A Bais Hamikdosh

Tall did stand


Why pick a border

With a date

Partitioned back in ‘48

When every single

Arab state

Tried to kill

And decimate


I guess no state

Shall solve our woes

As long as golus

Goes and goes


But day will come

When our borders

Will be based

On Heaven’s orders


Orders straight

From Up Above

With His extreme

Unending love


To return

His long lost nation

To their rightful


A permanent

And true location


Bimeheirah beyomeinu.





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