Friday, Jul 1, 2022

No Laughing Matter

Indeed today the world has learned The power of things penned And what a cartoon just may do If some it does offend They thought their pics were funny It's just a laughing matter But France is now all Charlie And they could not be sadder

They talk about their freedom
The power of the press
They forget the liberals
Created this great mess

They once had told me as a quote
About the pen’s great might
Its power is more than the sword
For words can become might

But lo the world we live in
Where facts are often skewed
And violent rage
Has come of age
If it is only “Jewed”

And time and time
These acts occur
And no one seems to care
Especially when we’re attacked
It does not matter where

We write and write
All day and night
And email the whole world
Response is just indifference
To this madness unfurled

They’ll break into our synagogues
And shoot the men who pray
And all the words we write with tears
They seem to throw away

But now there are cartoonists
Who drew offensive pics
And suddenly the world is shocked
And shouts, “We need to fix!”

Is the pen so mighty?
Or is it stopped by swords
Or bullets by those terrorists
Who did not like the words?

What will France now say to this?
Will silence once more follow?
Or is this act a wake-up call
A pill too tough to swallow?

And suddenly it’s vital
The top lines of the news
After all it’s cartoonists
And not about the Jews

And suddenly the world did march
All in unison
Because I think the Jews who died
Were not the only one

They shot at us in schools before
And on the streets in rage
But now a shooting of four Jews
Has taken the world stage

Oh world, I beg you listen
It’s not about the Jew
You think they only come for us
But then they’ll come for you



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