Saturday, Jul 20, 2024

No Fun Of A Gun

I don't know much I must admit About those things that shoot And if we'd live In harmony I wouldn't give a hoot But guns, my friend Are now the rage And each side is fanatic With arguments, and pleas and claims Some are quite dramatic

“It’s really nuts to ban guns

Let’s arm the staff in schools

For guns don’t kill

But people will”

So better arm the fools!


“Are you insane”

The others cry

“To fight violence

With more?

You may mean well

But time will tell

More guns, more death and gore!”


And politicians from the left

Say, “Let’s do what is right!”

And from the right

Amendment Two

Gives us the right to fight!


The gun folks

Take it literal

“It’s in the constitution!”

The right to bear

Do you not hear?

We do not see preclusion!”


Take Israel as our model

Their whole country is armed!

Why if you see an Uzi

You’re suddenly alarmed


“Out here back in Dakota

Guns have no restrictions

You Yankees want to take them with

Your liberal predilections”


We’ll never rid the bad guys

And they still have the arms

We gotta have the ammo

To protect us from harms!


And this here

Ol’ Bashevkin

Who never touched a gun

And always likes a good debate

This time it isn’t fun!


Must we pass new laws now?

What happens if we wait?

Will madness and uncertainty

Wait for the debate?


Will new laws stop the violence

That permeates our land

Through every single medium

That’s advertised as grand?


Will one day

Acts of kindness

Be the thing to do?

Or will it be

Like Kars-4-Kids

A jingle, not much new?


Legislating sanity

Can’t be by the insane

Or politicians posturing

With statements quite inane


Indeed, I fear that

It won’t stop

By simple legislations

For it will take

The world to wake

A call to all the nations


To see the light

Of only truth

And what Hashem commands

613 or 7

In all of His great lands


Indeed the time

When guns are gone

Along with ammunition

And beaten into plowshares

As we fulfill our mission


To spread the light

Of Torah thought

The world will say, “No more”

Lo yisa goy el goy cherev
Lo yilmedu od milchamah




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