Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024

Netzach Yisroel

A Yom Tov came A Yom Tov left And is the world the same? Perhaps some introspection Will keep alive the flame Indeed we entered Yom Tov We mourned and stopped to think A world we longed to know once more Had lost a holy link

The world of pilpul, bekius
A world of righteous din
Of Polish Jewry’s greatest days
That was Chachmei Lublin

The rosh yeshiva and dayan
On whose tone Bnei Brak did thrive
The gaon Rav Shmuel Wosner
Was no longer alive

A Yom Tov deeply rooted
In stories that are passed
From every generation
The first one to the last

And then the last days
Came and went
And once again the news
Another link of greatness
Did Klal Yisroel lose

Rav Chaim Greineman
We knew
The holy protégé
A link we had to Chazon Ish
We heard just passed away

Another link in our great chain
That held us to our past
Expansive endless wisdom
With Torah oh so vast

And now bereft of greatness twice
We recall Rav Akiva
When gedolei olam lost from us
And all of us sit shivah

Perhaps the days of Sefirah say
Remember the great Seder
That every word you told your sons
Will be related later

Indeed the world must carry on
And the torch is what we pass
The lives inspired through tzidkus
Will thus forever last

Chachmei Lublin will falter not
Nor divrei Chazon Ish
Through talmidim and their Torah
Forever is their wish

The Torah of those gedolim
Will ring for us forever
Their seforim and talmidim
As dovevos bakever

And thus surrounded by this loss
A Yom Tov may seem sad
But netzach Yisroel shall live
Sustaining what we had.



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