Friday, May 14, 2021


Did you really even care

If Bashevkin

Was not there?

Does it bother you to think

Would you write and waste your ink?

If something were to disappear?

A Yated staple

Was not there?

How about a man who left the shul?

A little boy who’s not in school?

Will they be missed

If they’re not there?

Do you even slightly quiver?

If the mail fails to deliver

If a guest arrives quite late

Past what you’d anticipate?

What about the daily things

The sun that shines

The bird that sings?

What would you think

What would you say

If they were gone

For just a day?

The little things we take for granted

Seed should grow

If they are planted

Mothers come when babies cry

Naturally, we don’t ask, “Why?”

But days to come when all does cease

And silent sorrow breaks the peace

The world moves forward

On and on

Does not stop

When one is gone


The sun still shines

The rains do pour

The poor get less

The rich get more

Life’s but a

Revolving door

And so Bashevkin

Failed to rhyme

A subtle absence

So sublime

Did you wonder where he went?

Why his lyrics were not sent?

Was it just a way to vent?

Perhaps a stifling event?

Today the poet’s back in school

The lyricist is back in shul

And poems in Yated’s magazine

Are once again fine

And pristine

You ponder: What

Did this all mean?

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