Musings – Upstate vs. Country

Where are you heading?

Where go you forth?


You’re heading north!


But where? I ask

You really know?

Where’s the place

That Yidden go?


What you call it

Do you care?

But I would like to know

Just where?


Where will you


In the “COUNTRY”



What’s the difference?

You may ask

I’ve known those

Taken to task


For mixing up the


And treated like

They are far gone


“COUNTRY” is a place

That’s heimish

“UPSTATE” is a place

That’s Amish


“UPSTATE” you can

Milk a cow

In the “COUNTRY”

Zug mir how


“UPSTATE’s” off the 17

“COUNTRY’s” somewhere



Liberty and Monticello


Are painted yellow


“UPSTATE” bars will serve

A beer

“COUNTRY’s” shuls you’ll find

A shiur


“UPSTATE’s” where

The fancy go

“COUNTRY’s” to

The bungalow


“How much longer

Must we go?

“We have not even

Passed Monroe!”


That I’m sure

You’ll only hear

From “COUNTRY” goers

Driving there



Is not “UPSTATE”

You can’t get

A minyan late


Now in the “COUNTRY”

That is when


Can start past ten!


Sean’s “UPSTATE”

In Kiamesha

“COUNTRY’s” Woodbourne

Cholent with Zisha


Call it “Cuhntrrry”

If you’re Yiddish

Hearing “UPSTATE”

Makes them skittish



Not a part

But one has grass

The other heart