Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Musings – Tisha B'Av Personified

The tears stream down Those holy stones That are Yerushalayim The pavement trembles Down below It shakes until Shomayim The voice for Heaven Down on earth Is now summoned Above A century of diligence And servitude with love

Asorof clothed in human flesh

Personified in mortal

Hasmadah so un-quantified

Transcending every portal


The essence of hasmada

The sar of the halacha

The source of strength

And wisdom

Klal Yisroel’s bracha


The constancy of limud

A never ending zeal

The strength and fortitude

We know

Of Torah breaking steel


Kepatish potzaitz sela

The rocks break into pieces

The mayon hamisgaber

Whose water flow increases


And thousands came

To hear his words

Or just to see him learn

A source of inspiration

That sparked us all to yearn


But through it all

His only care

His only one concern

“How does Klal Yisroel fare?”

And “How did Tosafos learn?”


The newsmen spoke the numbers

They came from right and left

But it means nothing to our dor

Orphans now bereft


And lo this time of churban

The flames soar way on high

They took the Bais Hamikdosh

And millions who would die


And tragedies strike day by day

To each personal blows

And when will all the tzaros end

Indeed nobody knows


The threats to the yeshivos

To snatch their precious jewels

On whims and fads

And politics

They now will burn the rules


Reminding us

In these three weeks

That churban still does reign

And it will rear

Its ugly head

Inflicting so much pain


Klal Yisroel

Had its Mikdosh

Which years ago we lost

And for our crooked

Selfish ways

We still do pay the cost


But we had our gedolim

The lights that led the way

And one by one

Those lights grow dim

Another price we pay


But we do have our yeshivos

Kol Torah, day and night

And now the forces that we fear

Have set them in their sight


Maran, we ask your holy soul

Beseech for Torah’s splendor

For neshamos, holy, pure

For children sweet and tender


Ask our Father for His sake

For endless hours learned

For days and nights of horuving

And thousands to you turned


Plead for us on your behalf

And the greatness of His Name

Redeem us from this servitude

And save us from this shame


Restore the glory

That once was

When Torah reigned supreme

And show the truth to the whole world

Fulfill our only dream



The Holy Count

    This week, in Parshas Emor, we encounter the mitzvah of counting seven weeks between when the Korban Omer is brought on the second

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