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Musings – The Real Story

Yes! Somewhere ‘neath the earth I found In some old ancient shard A tiny note of history That someone did discard It told a tale we oft repeat With laughter and with tears A story that's our history And told 3,000 years

It must have been

A little boy

Who wrote this note I found

Buried in antiquity

Way beneath the ground


And on it piled

Years of rock

And years of violent hate

That somehow would not ever

Erase our holy fate


“I write this in the first month

That Moshe just declared

There is a lamb tied to our bed

And I’m a little scared


“We’ll slaughter it

This evening

Despite the Mitzri’s power

They say that soon

We’ll leave this land

I’m waiting for the hour


“It’s been a turbulent few months

With plagues and death and doom

With darkness to our masters
Yet light in our room


And now Moshe has warned them

If they don’t let us free

Their firstborn sons

Will all become

Ancient history!


And somehow they don’t listen

And why?

I sure don’t know

Our masters seem to like us Jews

They blame it on Paroh


My parents, they asked Hosni

And Anwar said OK

‘Just take our gold and silver

Our clothes just haul away!’


“And now we’re slaughtering their lambs

I thought it was quite odd

They just stand by and smile as

We sacrifice their god!


“And Moshe seems to warn them

But Paroh makes no peep

He put on his pajamas

And then he went to sleep!


“My father told me stories

Of years they were so tough

Our tiny baby brothers

Who in the walls they’d stuff


“They took the work of Abba

And gave it to my Mom

Those nasty men like Gamal

And Yassir and Sadam!


“But now we all are laughing

At these once haughty men

We watched how they were stricken

Time and time again


“The blood, the frogs, the tiny lice

Crawled over them

And animals went wild

Indeed it was mayhem!


“And then it all went quiet

As animals were dying

And Paroh, he was pleading

But really he was lying


“So boils itched their bodies

And hail rained fire too!

And locust ate what there was left

From the escaping zoo!


“And then somehow

The lights went out

Blacker than the night

But for all of us in Goshen

My dear friend, there was light!


“And now we all have found out

That we’re about to leave

And yes a special present

We all shall soon receive!


“We’ll soon receive a Torah

To tell us how to live

And then Eretz Yisroel

Hashem to us shall give!


“So I’m not sure

If what you find

3,000 years from now

Will tell you this whole story

The where, the why, the how


“I saved some snippets

In this jug

And hid it in the ground

For those to find this story

When I am not around


“But I am sure

That you won’t need

The words that I have written

About how Paroh held us here

And then how he was smitten


“For they say we’ll

Get the Torah

Which will contain it all

And then you’ll make a Seder

At which you shall recall


“The years we spent in Egypt

And all our slavery

And every tiny detail

About our history


“And every single father

Will on the Seder night

Tell this special story

To their kids’ delight


“They’ll share a bit of matzoh

And eat some maror too

And tell them that it was this night

I was forged as a Jew!


“And if you see this tiny scroll

Or others of its kind

Or any other document

Perhaps that you shall find



”And  artifacts of history
Behind the glass you’ll see ‘em

And ancient coins

And other proofs

Are good for a museum


“Look at them with some interest

But know there is much more

You’ll share it at the Seder

From dor to dor to dor!


For mother to her daughters

And a father to his son

Is really what we are about

When all is said and done



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