Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Musings – Special Forces

It's Elul and The air is filled With thoughts of Prophesies fulfilled Reverberating Once again Through hearts and minds Of Jewish men

But somewhere floating

In the air

There’s underlying fear

About a threat we often hear

Is it for real?

Is it a dare?


He says he’ll

Wipe us

Off the map

He goads us

Tries to

Set a trap


He says he will


The “entity”

The Jewish state

He thinks with him

Does lie our fate


And, what, I ask

They think they have

That gives them

That aplomb?

Electrons and nuclei

They call an atom bomb!


You cannot see its power

You cannot see the force

Like bumpkins

Who first saw a train

You ask

“So where’s the horse?”


That weapon

That does threaten us

It is a mystery

But so much fear

It generates

Because of history


Inside the physics of that bomb

A lesson lies within

About the forces we can’t see

About mitzvos and sin


A nation seems to worry

About forces they can’t see

It’s not a tank or missile, yet

They speak calamity


And so I ask

To fight the force

Of unseen radiation

Can we not use


Hallmarks of our nation?


For centuries 

We have survived

Not with guns and rockets

Tefillas Dovid slew the brute

With pebbles in his pockets


Goliaths loomed

Like Hamans

Sancheirev’s army too

Whatever stopped those armies

Can stop these forces too


We also have electrons

And forces we can’t see

More powerful

Than atom bombs



The thousands

Learning Torah

With all their heart and soul

Declares to all

What we believe

Hashem is in control


But lo my friend

If we forget

And try to stop our forces

And just rely

On Shin Bet’s eyes

And military courses


And if we say

“Do it our way”

We need not hear your prayer

Then I, for one

Will tell you all

You have so much to fear


So let yeshivos

Thrive and grow

Let the kol Torah reign

For there are things

We cannot see

And we cannot explain


For our existence

All these years

A sheep by wolves surrounded

Is only an existence

That has the world astounded


And so I say

Dear brethren

Let Torah forces reign

For it will be our best defense

‘Till Moshiach, amein!



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