Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023

Musings – One Small Act

The shofar sound Is fading fast Six days left To make it last Meriting Eternity? Hoping I'm A beinoni Each day I'll try Hope not to fail To do the acts That tip the scale

We hoped and prayed

When things were done

At least back on

Day number one


The scale was blalnced


And I slipped in

As beinoni


And in the balance

Lies unfurled

Not only me

But the whole world


A simple act

Not just for me

Or my entire



For that great scale

It does connect

To make a

Domino effect


If I myself

Can turn the tide

The whole world moves

To tzedek’s side


So take these days


For it’s not ‘bout

Just you and me


For every mitzvah

You perform

The fate of man

It can transform


That tiny act

Can soon outweigh

And be the act

That “saves the day”


So don’t belittle

This great week

For tiny acts

Do volumes speak


That weeks ahead

Way down the road

The act you did

Indeed does bode


The fate of future

For the world

With His mishpat

Soon unfurled


So please act now

Don’t hesitate

We just can’t


The future

And our

Destined fate


Are the nice words

That you stated

A salvation

You created


Could last year’s tzedakah

Given warm

Save a child

From great harm?


Or that you helped

A boy in need

May have stopped

A violent deed?


Or that sharp word

You hadn’t jabbed

Prevent one

From being stabbed?


Who knows?

What act?

Which klop

Al Cheit?

Can fend off

Plans for

Terror state?


I’m not a novi

I don’t know

Which direction

We shall go


All I know

All that is clear

That these ten days

Decide the year


And thus a tiny

Deed from me

May change the course

Of history


It’s very scary

Knowing too

The whole world







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