Saturday, Jul 20, 2024

Musings – No Vacation

And now they're coming Home from camp And soon they're off To schools A different set Of circumstance A different set Of rules

Books replacing swimwear

And pens replacing bats

And tee shirts, shorts and sneakers

Replaced with shirts and hats!


And buses are

No longer coach

And no reclining seats

And no more visits

Each two weeks

With drinks and cash and treats


And no more trips to Zoom Flume

Or the Amusement Park

With backpacks and assignments

They’ll come home after dark


And no more trips for bochurim

New Hampshire and Vermont

Or hanging ‘round

And just doing

Anything they want


The lazy, hazy days are gone

Of frolic, to and fro

‘Cause off to school

Or yeshiva, or even work

They go


Oh! Yes, it’s back to work again

Even for adults

Who may have lounged a bit too long

Not thinking of results


But we forget

That some out there

Just never take a break

Summer, winter

Fall and spring

It’s not a piece of cake


They’re out there guarding


As eyes upon the street

They’re manning booths

And fixing roads

Or just walking the beat


They’re even printing papers

As news changes each time

And every week Bashevkin

Is thinking of a rhyme


But everybody takes a break

They need a bit of rest

Refresh themselves

And then come back

Performing at their best


But there is One
We may forget

He’s just not in our face

Despite the fact

That He is there

In every single place


The only One Who I know

Who never takes a break

And will perform just perfectly

With never a mistake


The One Who watches

Guides and rules

And is there without fail

Constant, always

For us all…

Shomer Yisroel




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