Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Musings – Mixed Emotions

A Yom Tov passed And left us Divided by great oceans There's no divide When deep inside We all share these emotions Simchas Yom Tov Muted We stood in pain and shock Hearing the besurah That came from Bnei Brak Who did not know The Rebbetzin Whose home was home for all No matter what their tzarah Their every beck and call

And from her tiny hovel

That holy woman cried

The anguish of the thousands

Whose pain she bore inside


And shared their joy

And blessings

And reveled in good news

From thousands

Upon thousands

Of different types of Jews


It made no difference to her

Where all the girls came from

They were just holy daughters

Now on Rechov Rashbam


“Please pray that I have children!”

“My bashert I’ve not found”

“My child has a tumor”

Requests and pleas resound


They came to watch her daven

To see a Minchah prayed

They stood and watched the holiness

They came, they watched, they stayed


Devoted to a husband

Whose Torah lights the world

And made a home

For all he’s shown

The Torah all unfurled


Her father bears the greatest yoke

With p’sak for generations

His daughter’s prayers

Brought to the world

So much hope, salvation


Her home was an open house

To any Jewish soul

Who came to share a Shabbos meal

Aliyah as their goal


And with tears pouring

From their eyes

The thousands said goodbye

While asking questions in their heart

“Why, dear Tatte, why?”


The Steipler and the Chazon Ish

Theirneshei chayil too

All stood to greet their newest guest

Whose greatness they all knew


And questions linger in our heart

And joy and sadness mingle

When simchas Yom Tov

Leaves us doubts

Our spines shiver and tingle


The Jewish nation

Got back Shalit

Amidst G-d’s praise and cheer

And secretly inside each heart

Lay resignation, fear


Unspoke emotions

Racked us all

With very little said

When more questions than answers

Swarmed in every head


But somehow joy

Can mitigate

The questions that we ask

When in feigned glory

We rejoice

And in the spotlight bask


Maybe when such evil

Is leashed upon us all

Released to spew their venom

In methods that will gall


We need the prayers

Of tzaddikim

Tzidkaniyos who cry

To ask dear Tatte

That question

“Dearest Father: Why?”



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