Wednesday, Oct 4, 2023

Musings – Ides of Elul

The ides of Elul Are now here (If Elul does have ides) And soon we realize No one's safe No matter where he hides It seems that Elul Comes along With all sorts of reminders But we just call them News events As we all put on blinders But everything We see each day Is clearly sent from Heaven Whether earthquakes Hurricanes Or shocks like 9/11


And presidents

Are helpless

Despite the words they speak

Pleading to their citizens

While sounding very weak


And governments

Have lost control

Old friends are enemies

And once powerful


Have no economies


It seems each year

These things occur

As we begin September

Just around the Holy Days

I think we all remember!


Is it Madoff

Or the Market

And all those types of crashes

Or hurricanes


At whom His power lashes


In just two weeks

We’ll gather

To pray

To cry

To sing

To herald in

The One Above

Declaring He is King


But all the months

It slips our minds

We waltz throughout the year

Forgetting just

Who pulls the strings

Living without fear


But somehow summer

Comes around

And strange things just arise



To open up our eyes


He wants to make it easy

He wants to make it clear

He wants us to remember

To pray for a sweet year


‘Cause everything that happened

Was pledged a year ago

This year I hope I daven

As if that fact I know


So that next year in Elul

I shall not write about our tzaros

But rather sing the praises
Of leaving this long golus!



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