Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024

Musings – Giant Questions

May Bashevkin really muse And try to find Some points Some views About some silly piece of news Is it silly? I don't know It makes a city Really go Quite berserk Put on a show

What did these men?

I dare to ask

Perhaps some

Monumental task?


Why do streamers

Fall from heaven

Are these heroes

From 9/11?


Did they do something

That was great

Were these men in

Apollo 8?


Perhaps they came back

From Iraq

I heard it was about

A sack…


Why parade

About a sack?

But then I heard

A sneak attack

And someone got

A quarter back?


A rebate, sure

Is very nice

But why parade

About it twice?


Parades, my friend

And ticker tape

(Or toilet paper)

They did drape

In honor of

These Giant men

Who ran around

And pushed…and then


They kicked a ball

Behind a pole

And then striped men

Shouted, “Goal!”


Or was that


They did shout

I’m not sure

I’m 3 and out…


A shtus!

He yelled!

A narishkeit!

All this stink

About one night


When big strong men

Have a fight

On some green grass

With lines of white?


What type of matzav

Is this here?

Who are these fools

Who seem to care?


And then Wednesday

I went to shul

And joy somehow

It seemed to rule


“My luncheonette

I have downtown

I almost had to shut it down!

No one seems

To be around

My business it was in the ground!


“And yesterday

There was a neis!

Thousands stopped off

In my place


“Pizzas, calzones

They did buy

And cash and credit

It did fly!


“And like an esrog,

Matzoh guy

Made enough to

Get me by!


“Thank You, Hashem!

I’m not sure why

So many people

Stopped on by”


“Wow!” said the man

Who pushed the cart

“I thought that I

Was really smart


“I thought falafel

Would just sell

It was not going

Very well


But hundreds stopped

By yesterday

They all fressed

And all did pay!

My parnassah

Boomed that day


Another fellow

Shrugged and said

Smiled as

He touched his head


“I sell caps and shirts that say

The names of guys

Who all do play

I don’t know them . . .

But who cares, hey

They bought thousands



“My parnassah

Hit the roof

Thank the One

Who sits aloof!”


And in a place

They call Met Life

Where winter sees

Those fights and rife


A tranquil Bowl

I know will fill

With unity

And just goodwill


And who knows if

The gracious host

Who yesterday

His team did boast

May say, “In honor

Of our win!

For free I’ll let

My tribesman in!


“To celebrate

Talmudic lore

We’ll open up

The giant door

And celebrate

Like none before!


“This celebration

Is on Me

Have your siyum

It’s all free”


Of course it’s just

A little wish

Buy the Yated

Mr. Tisch!


Maybe it’s

That special zechus

That you won

What they call shtus!


Shtusim,” you said

But I don’t know

Why one shall stay

And one shall go


Parades as such

And celebrations

I know not

The implications


We’re all just simple

Little mannings

It’s He Who really

Does the plannings!



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