Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023

Musings – Dear Me!

Dear Me He wrote Oh my! He penned As he wrote himself this letter Dear Me, He sighed And almost cried As he promised to get better This year, he wrote Again I'll try To be a better Jew And do the mitzvos Properly Like I'm supposed to do I won't speak out While davening And surely not in tefillin And secrets that Are told to me I am no longer spillin'

And every day
I’ll open up
A sefer and I’ll learn
And count each word
Of Torah
Like money that I earn

And I’ll make sure
To lend a hand
To anyone in need
Will be my name
No longer steeped in greed

And back at home
I’ll treat my wife
As if she was a queen
And I’ll spend time

With family
And b
e patient with my teen

I’ll study with them
Every night
And listen to their capers
And hold the baby
On my lap
And throw away my papers

I’ll cancel my subscriptions
To the Journal
And theTimes
And only read the Yated
(and all Bashevkin’s rhymes!)

When a meshulach
Comes my way
I’ll welcome him inside
I will not say
That I’m not home
And run away to hide

And lashon hara
Won’t exist
This year I’ll guard my tongue
I won’t speak ill
Of anyone
Whether old or young

I will not
Double park my car
Or honk if someone’s slow
I’ll wait in line
So patiently
If somewhere I must go

The guy who took my siddur
The guy who stole my seat
With “Good Shabbos
And a smile
Both of them I’ll greet!

I know I have

A lot to fix
A quite a lot to do
To come next year
And say to You
I am a better Jew

o with remorse
Inside my heart
I hereby sign this letter
I’m sure I’ll say
This time next year
“I’ve really gotten better”

C. B.




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