Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024

Musings – Breach Of Faith

I see the wall It stands there cracked Our security Is hacked The wall I thought Would stop the force The Roman legion And his horse

The wall I thought

Would shield us all

I laid my faith

On that great wall


But now it’s broken

There’s a breach

In walls no longer

I beseech


The food is gone

The hunger rages

Dying, starving

Children, sages


I thought we had

This thick strong wall

The one that would

Defeat them all


Inside those walls

We’d live our wants

And treat our friends

With jest and taunts


And nothing there

To instill fear

We treated others

Without care


The world at large

They were shut out

And inside we

Could scream and shout


For no one knew

Of our fits

Of breaks and fights

And of shul splits


Of brothers whose

Fathers had passed

Expecting legacies

To last



And fractionation

Brawls and conflicts

In our nation


We thought that we’d

Just hide it all

Behind the stones

Of that great wall


But lo my friend

That wall is cracked

And every move

We make

Is tracked


And known

And broadcast

To the troops

Who point and jeer

“How low she stoops!”


That nation who

Was once the might

The moral compass

Guiding light


Is now behind

The open wall


And shamed

About to fall!


But if we band

Our hands together

And spirits as one

Do we tether


We shall make

A wall anew

A wall that’s thicker

Than we knew


A wall will make

As one the Jew

And for each other

He shall do!

And stand together

Proud and true


For that wall

You should know

Chabur atzavim

Hanach lo


For if we’re bound

As tight as one

The wall will seal

Our job then done


And from above

Down from the skies

The Bais Hamikdosh

Will soon rise



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